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The Caromal Training Center has closed,
and after some 35 years of delivering Swimming Pool & Plantroom Training,
to thousands of delegates, Malcolm Bartier M.Inst.S.P.Eng. has now retired from teaching .


Residential Swimming Pool Maintenance Grade C

Course Tutor:- Malcolm Bartier M.Inst.S.Eng.

This training seminar is aimed at the new outdoor or indoor Home Pool owner who has little or no knowledge of how to look after and maintain his/her swimming pool.

Please Note: Students wishing to start or improve a Swimming Pool Service business of should select Level 1, Part 1 & Part 2 and Level 2

The Principles of swimming pool circulation are explained, together with filtration in order to provide a firm knowledge base.

The mechanics of the system are examined so that all common componenets are easily recognised and understood.

pH and basic disinfection is explained and simple water testing is demonstrated.

Chemical and general Health & Safety is discussed, and chemical handling and storage is examined

A typical year in an outdoor pool is discussed, and all the routine maintenance that is likely to be expected is assesed and examined, including routine water testing and chemical dosing, filter backwashing, vacuuming & cleaning, Winter Closing and Spring Opening.

At the end of the day the student should be fully familiar with the workings of a normal residential swimming pool and be confidently capable of carrying out regular and efficient routine maintenance.

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