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The Caromal Training Center has closed,
and after some 35 years of delivering Swimming Pool & Plantroom Training,
to thousands of delegates, Malcolm Bartier M.Inst.S.P.Eng. has now retired from teaching .


Level 3 Pool & Plantroom Operator Training - Plant Room & Equipment Maintenance

Course Tutors:- Malcolm Bartier M.Inst.S.Eng. & Roger Neave M.inst.S.P.Eng.

This is a specialised 1 day training course for maintenance technicians who will undertake repairs and maintenance in their swimming pool plantrooms. This is ideal for pool operators with maintenance staff on site, such as hospital hydrotherapy pools, local authority pools, schools and hotels, etc. A Certificate of Attendance for this course is issued. Although most pool and plantroom equipment is similar, this course is usually site specific for operators and maintenance teams at a particular facility

The service, maintenance and repair of plantroom equipment such as circulation pumps, sand filters, D.E. filters, valves, multiport valves and chemical dosing pumps & tanks is described and discussed.

All common pool shell equipment is examined to provide complete familiarisation with disassembly, etc. The safety procedures necessary for some works are highlighted, and a regular maintenance programme is discussed.

At the end of the day the maintenance staff should be able to confidently carry out a great number of repairs and maintenance to pool plant equipment without the need to engage outside contractors

This training seminar takes a full day.

Please state which Training Seminar you are interested in attending and we will send you full details, a booking form, and dates of the next training seminar

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