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The Caromal Training Center has closed,
and after some 35 years of delivering Swimming Pool & Plantroom Training,
to thousands of delegates, Malcolm Bartier M.Inst.S.P.Eng. has now retired from teaching .


Level 1B Pool & Plantroom Operator Training -
Hygiene for Swimming and Hydrotherapy Poolside and Care Staff

Course Tutor:- Malcolm Bartier M.Inst.S.Eng.

This is a one day training course aimed specifically at care staff, swimming teachers, and life guards etc., who are responsible for the use of the swimming or hydrotherapy facility, but do not get involved in the operational running or maintenance of the plant and equipment or in the handling or administering of any chemicals. A Certificate of Attendance for this course is issued.

The basic circulation system and its components are described, to create an awareness of the essential requirements and the functioning of the filtration and pumping equipment.

Poolside safety and swimming pool safety is discussed so that the poolside staff are able to rapidly identify dangerous and hazardous conditions which may suddenly occur.

The origins of pollution are indicated and discussed in order to generate an awareness of the requirements and the necessity for continuos and effective disinfection and oxidation.

The location and distribution of introduced pollutants is examined to enable the concept of preventative pollution control to be accepted.

The disinfection process is examined and described to give a full understanding of the reactions of pool water disinfectants on pollutants and organic debris. The effect of insufficient disinfection is illustrated, together with the effects of high pH values causing reduced effectiveness of a residual disinfectant.

The daily routine for poolside staff, together with preventative action, is discussed to enable the staff to identify critical areas, and the suggested remedial action is analysed.

Finally, essential pool water tests are practised on various water samples to enable the participants to become familiar with the pool water testing equipment, and to assist them to be able to rapidly assess the basic quality of their pool water and judge whether or not the facility may be safely used.

At the end of the day, the poolside staff should have a considerable insight into the demands on the principle chemical levels and residuals; be able to identify and eliminate sources of unnecessary pollution; and to confidently carry out regular routine water testing and accurately determine. the suitability of the water for safe usage.

This training seminar takes a full day. Course handbooks are provided but notes should also be taken.

This training seminar takes a full day.

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