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The Caromal Training Center has closed,
and after some 35 years of delivering Swimming Pool & Plantroom Training,
to thousands of delegates, Malcolm Bartier M.Inst.S.P.Eng. has now retired from teaching .

Pool & Plant Room Operator Training

Level 1 - Part 1 - Health & Safety and Chemical Handling.

Course Tutor:- Malcolm Bartier M.Inst.S.Eng.

This 1 day Training Seminar compliments our Level 1 Part 2 Basic Systems Training and is arguably essential training for any person working as a Commercial Swimming Pool or Spa Operator. The concept of Health & Safety is examined and Risk Assessment is explained and demonstrated. The numerous regulations which apply to Swimming Pool and Spa operation are examined and Legal Liabilities and Legal Duty of Care is also explored.

The "Written Systems of Work" requirement is examined in detail, and examples of NOP, EAP, SPS and RA are all fully discussed to provide the Operator with the knowledge to produce these legally required documents.

COSHH regulations are explained, including the requirements for safe chemical storage and handling, and examples of PPE are provided. Safe chemical storage is examined and discussed and examples of poor and dangerous storage are shown as an example of unsafe practices.

The characteristics of the various chemicals used is examined and the reactions and results of accidental mixing is fully discussed to ensure the Pool Operator understands the implications of chemical cross contamination accidents.

The necessary procedures for mixing and dosing the various chemicals used are fully discussed, and the methods used for dealing with various spills, splashes and leaks are also explained.

Finally, Bather Loads, pool water quality and pool hall safety are fully explored to compliment the wealth of knowledge provided by this Training Seminar.

This Seminar lasts a full day. The day concludes with a multichoice written exam. Delegates passing the written examination are awarded a Certificate of Training

Information Packs and booklets are provided but notes should also be taken.

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