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Service and Repair of Electronic Dosing Systems

We carry out servicing, repairs, and calibration of many types of electronic chemical control systems. Our specialized testing and simulation equipment enables us to set up and align systems to a very high degree of accuracy. A wide range of electronic components are stocked to facilitate repairs to printed circuits and components.

Flow-Cells for pH and Redox Probes

We manufacture a wall mounted flow cell for the pH and Redox probes of almost any chemical dosing controller. Our latest model features a transparent body so that the probes can be viewed whilst still in the sample flow, and a stainless steel grounding probe in the base to dissipate any stray voltages which may be present in the water

The Flowcell assembly comes complete with a take-off regulator valve and wall fixing, and can be supplied with or without the probes.

CO2 Systems for pH Control

We supply a range of CO2 dosing systems for every size pool, from single cylinder systems for home pools, to large multi cylinder systems for big commercial pools and leisure parks. CO2 provides a clean, simple, and safe solution to the hazardous use of liquid chemicals in tanks. The risk of accidently generating Chlorine Gas is virtually eliminated.. Neither do chemicals have to be mixed or decanted, poured or pumped. CO2 gas is not poisonous.

Our Mini CO2 System is ideal for residential, school, or hotel pools and spa's and is very economically priced. It is suitable for automatic or semi-automatic control of pH

Ultra Violet Disinfection Sytems

We have been carrying out research into the effectiveness of ULTRA-VIOLET DISINFECTION for both residential and commercial pools.

Residential Pools

Ultra-Violet disinfection is ideal where the users of the pool are either allergic to chlorine, or are chemically sensitive to the usual swimming pool disinfectants, or the "heavy metals" from ionic purifiers.

We have developed an oxidizing system using Hydrogen Peroroxide (H2O2) coupled to an Ultra-Violet generator, to produce a very simple to operate Ultra-Violate Disinfection System.

A suitably sized Ultra-Violet disinfection system installed on a swimming pool, will produce crystal clear, sterile water, which feels soft ond silky, and pleasant to swim in, with no harmfull residuals building up.

We have now had an outdoor 30,000 Imp gallon test pool operating since 1993. The owner is extremely chemically sensitive to a wide range of common chemicals.

Since the Ultra-Violet Disinfection Sytem was installed, no chlorine, algecides, flocculants etc have been used in any way. pH control is acheived with hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) - a "natural" acid, on a weekly basis, a trace of hydrogen peroxide is maintained in the pool water. and the sand filter is thoroughly backwashed every week.

The owner, her family, and friends use the pool almost every day from April to late October. The operating temperature is 95 deg F. (yes! she insists that it is kept at that temperature!)

The water has remained crystal clear, and completely free of algea, both suspended and on the pool shell, and the owner confirms that the pool is a joy to use, with none of the unpleasant and painfull reactions that she has experienced with other forms of disinfection.

Image of a Private/Residential UV unit

An Ultra-Violet Purifier for Residential swimming pools

The illustration above shows the new model Ultra-Violet Purifier, suitable for residential pools up to about 25,000 imperial gallons. The circulation water can enter at either end. The unit is mounted on a plastic back board, and 2" Socket Unions are provided for easy installation. Power consumption is just 76 watts - 230 Volts AC.

Ultra-Violet Systems in Commercial Pools and Spas

There are now a number of commercial swimming pool sites where Ultra-Violet systems have been installed. These sites still maintain a residual chlorine level, but achieve savings on their chlorine consumption, reduced combined chlorine compounds, and increased microbiological safety.

We are at present involved in researching and monitoring the installation of an Ultra-Violet system at a busy public leisure centre pool. We will be updating our web site information as the operation progresses. - As they say - Watch This Space !


Below is a photograph of the Commercial UltraViolet system installed at Colchester Leisure World on their teaching pool. This is a very busy teaching pool along side the main leisure pool but partitioned off with glass and brick. The water temperature is somewhat higher than the main pool.

Colchester is one of three sites where we were engaged to monitor the performance and efficiency of the commercial Ultra-Violet Swimming Pool Units for 12 months. The others are Hadleigh Leisure Center - Hadleigh, Suffolk., and Highbury Leisure Center at Islington, London.

We monitored the performance of the Colchester unit from spring 1997. Prior to the installation of the UV system, despite the Free Chlorine level being always maintained at at least 2 ppm (mg/l), the Combined Chlorine level was always at at least 1 ppm (mg/l). This was apparently due to the high bather load, and the additional pollutants introduced by the bathers - particularly children.

Before the installation, it was stressed to the pool and plantroom staff that there must be no change whatsoever to the day to day pool operations without instructions from ourselves. This would enable us to make a valid comparison and accurately judge the effectiveness of the UV System

Within a two or three days of switching on the UV, the Combined Chlorine levels were seen to rapidly fall to levels of 0.1 to 0.2 ppm (mg/l). This was due to the powerful photochemical effect that UV has on the chlorine by-product compounds after disinfection and oxidation has taken place.

After some weeks of monitoring, we commenced to lower the Free Chlorine level in small stages. During this time there was regular and frequent microbiological analysis of the water.

Eventually, we reached a Free Chlorine level of 0.6 ppm (mg/l), and decided not to reduce the level any further. For the entire period, the Combined Chlorine had remained at approximately 0.1 ppm (mg/l), - and at one stage the staff actually recorded a zero reading for Combined Chlorine. The Microbiological results have always shown a negative count throughout the entire test period.

This U.V. unit continues to operate at Leisure World. The Free Chlorine level remains at 0.6 ppm (mg/l) and the Combined Chlorine level remains stable at around 0.1 ppm (mg/l)

Both the other installations provided similar results, and we hope to be able to post details here soon.

Image of Commercial U.V. unit at Colchester

Commercial U.V. Installation on 35,000 imp gallon pool

If you are an overseas distributor, or installer, and you are interested in distributing these Ultra-Violet Purifiers, please email us your full details and we will pass them on to the manufacturer.

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