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We provide a variety of swimming pool related consultancy services.

We provide a comprehensive Water Chemistry Analysis

The water chemistry of pool or spa water is often a complicated subject. almost every chemical administered leaves an undesirable residual in the water. To manage a pool economically, these residuals have to be kept to a minimum level - without unnecessary wastage of water or heat. We provide a comprehensive analysis of pool and spa water, determining the levels of a far wider range of chemicals present, than the average pool shop. We usually carry this analysis out on-site - (some residuals do not travel well!), although samples requiring testing for some specific residuals can be sent to us. A written report is submitted with comments on the residual levels that give cause for concern, to enable the pool operator or owner to alter or adjust the management methods of the facility

We offer a consultancy service for Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving

Often, we are asked to visit a particular site because they have a particular problem with the water, the water chemistry, or the functioning of the pool. We will attend the site, carry out a comprehensive on-site water analysis, discuss the problem with the plant room staff, check the plant room equipment and examine the pool & plant records. A detailed report is submitted, with recommendations on the corrective action. If the problem includes biological action, we will take samples for microbiological analysis and submit additional reports based on these results.

Electronic Dosing

Frequently, the reason for the apparent failure of electronic dosing systems can be traced to incorrect water chemistry or water management. We visit sites which have experienced problems with their chemical dosing systems, and, using our specialized test equipment, we can test the calibration, the alignment, the accuracy, and the function of the systems. We will also carry out a comprehensive water chemistry analysis to determine whether there are any residual chemicals in the water which may affect the accuracy of the chemical dosing sensors. We normally carry out any adjustments which may be required to correct a particular problem, and discuss any corrective action required, with the plant room staff. A written report is also usually submitted.

We carry out independent surveys of swimming pools

and associated plant and equipment.

We provide a comprehensive survey of the pool and plant room equipment for a variety of reasons. We are often asked to provide a report on the swimming pool and associated plant, at premises which our client wishes to purchase. Regular building surveyors are not always familiar with swimming pools and the equipment, and often prefer to use us to provide the required report.

Hotels, schools, and Local Authority pools often ask us to make regular visits to their facilities and provide a report on the pool water chemistry, and the condition of the pool and plantroom equipment. This enables us to identify potential problems and failures at an early stage, often saving expensive breakdowns.

We are consultants for swimming pool and plant room operations

We examine the operating procedure of the pool or spa facility, identify weak areas, and provide a documented set of operating instructions, with guidelines and parameters.

New Projects and Upgrading Existing Pools

We provide schematic diagrams of the entire projected circulation and filtration system, with all major equipment specified, pipework correctly sized, and water velocities and flowrates calculated. Position and location of pool shell equipment is also included on the schematic diagrams, as are proposed underwater lighting features and other pool shell equipment. We work with architects and builders to provide essential specialist knowledge.

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